The right GEAR for the job.

Lots of extras go into the making of media outside and here are some of the amazing products we have used on location and still use everyday.


The high altitude of the Andes mountain range can be dangerous for your skin and lips. Packing some natural products with a high SPF is key to making sure you don’t get sidelined with lobster face on set. Product by: Beyond Coastal


When you can’t see then you can’t snowboard. It’s that easy. These wide framed goggles have amazing peripheral range and the lenses will keep your eyeballs shaded so that the high altitude sun in South America won’t fry your eyes like tuna steaks. Ultra easy interchangeable lenses as well. The frameless technology fits well with helmets too. Product by: Electric EGX



Keep all that gear organized! All those little things that just seem to get lost in your luggage need a little place of there own. Not to mention extra cases for goggles and sunglasses. The more you move around the more you need keep all your gear nice and tidy. Product by: CHUMS

Knives and tools

Every good adventurer needs a knife. You never know what you’ll need it for. Going on a mountain production shoot as well calls for all types of tools.  These two tools are always with us on the job. Product by: Leatherman



It’s a powder day so don’t blow it by not having an alarm on your watch and please don't be late for work. Call time is 5am!! Product by: Electric


Water bottle

 There is a serious plastic problem in this world. Don’t add to the problem. Amazing stainless steel design is easy to clean and comes in an insulated model as well. Some tea on the mountain while working outside is bliss in a bottle. Product by: Klean Kanteen


Sleeping bag

Working on the road isn't all room room service and poolside drinks. We are prepared for couches, futons and floors with this awesome compact and ultra cool sleeping bag. It comes complete with Burton snowboard graphics to keep you stoked while you dream about the next day on the mountain. Product by: Big Agnes



Communication is key in the mountains. While cellphones work in most places nothings beats a good radio. These awesome units are easy to use with multiple channels and easy collar clips that keep you from opening pockets to use them. Oh …and they work in the cold too. Product by: BCA Backcountry



Yes … underwear. Fresh underwear becomes one of the most amazing pieces gear in your mountain kit. Always pack extra pairs. Sorry ladies but these are for the dudes only. Male specific athletic support designed to keep you all in one place and on top of your game. Pretty stylish too. Product by: 2UNDR.



Everyone needs headphones. Music for those long bus rides, keeping up with friends during those weather days when you can’t snowboard/ski and watching movies at night. These even have built in bass boosters in the headphones if you really want to rock it out on the road. Product by: SkullCandy



One of the most important pieces of gear in the great outdoors. A good pair of shades is crucial for the mountains and styling out and keeping it cool off the mountain. I usually like to have a sporty pair for the mountain and a street style pair for the city. Product by: ELECTRIC